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Anyone who has experienced the loss of a tooth knows that few things impact your appearance, self-esteem, lifestyle and overall health as an unpleasant gap in your smile. Missing teeth do more than just ruin your smile; they can change your bite and affect how you eat and speak or cause jawbone loss changing the very shape of your face. For these reasons, dental bridges represent a very good solution for people challenged by missing teeth. It must be noted that only dental implants can prevent bone loss.

A dental bridge is a false tooth, or pontic, that literally "bridges" the gap left by a missing tooth or teeth. Unlike dentures which are removable, dental bridges are permanently fused to dental crown-covered abutments (e.g. natural teeth, dental implants or a combination of the two) on either side of the gap. Dr. Catherine Tallerico can evaluate if a dental bridge is the right solution to replace your missing teeth. Call us for at Northtown Dental for a private cosmetic consultation.